NFL star becomes highest paid player

Jesse Gonzales, Reporter

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On May 3rd, history was made with the Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan. He was paid very well, making him the highest paid in the NFL- with the highest salary of all time. The contract was a 5 year deal, and includes 100 million dollars guaranteed. His annual salary is coming out to be 30 million a year. This obviously makes him the franchise quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons. The 32 year old, seemed to get it together in 2016, in his MVP season. He completed 69.9% of his passes, 4944 yards, 38 touchdowns, and only 7 interceptions. Even though his 2017 campaign was not as high as 2016, the hard work has paid off in a major way for Ryan.

After taking his team to the Super Bowl in 2017, getting a 28-3 lead on the New England Patriots and BLOWING IT! The Falcons see much more in the future of their team and Ryan. The head coaches and owners had an interview on their decision- speaking very highly of Ryan. On September 6th, the Falcons have the first game of the season on Thursday Night Football. We will see how Matt Ryan comes alive after signing this huge contract.

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