Eastern and Western NBA conferences heating up as they head into Semis

Jesse Gonzales, Reporter

In the Eastern and Western conference of the NBA, the first round is now over. The new matchups are Cavs vs Raptors, 76ers vs Celtics, Rockets vs Jazz, and Warriors vs Pelicans.

In the last round, the East was filled with an action-packed series. As the Cavs and Pacers was most remembered since it went 7 games, the first time Lebron James has ever went 7 in a first round series. Victor Oladipo and the Pacers put up a very impressive fight against the well experienced Cavs team. Throughout the series, they forced Lebron to put it 110% and only allowed him to win by small margins. At the end, Cleveland took the series back to their home court and closed it out. This was the most memorable series in the East. The other series were won by the 76ers vs the Heat, and the Celtics against the Bucks.

In the West, the 1st round was decent but not as close as the East. The most shocking series in the conference was New Orleans vs Portland. Going into the series Portland was 3rd in the West as the Pelicans were 6th. Coming in hit, the Pelicans made it seem vise versa. They ended up sweeping the blazers despite them having a better record. In the other series, Golden State eliminated San Antonio and Houston eliminated Minnesota.

Now going in to the semi finals, we will be looking at more very interesting matchups. Stay updated on the next update soon.