NBA playoffs challenges rookies and big time players!

Jesse Gonzales, Reporter

In the Western Conference there’s Timberwolves vs Rockets, Warriors vs Spurs, Thunder vs Jazz, and Blazers vs Pelicans. One of the most interesting series here is OKC Thunder against the Jazz. Donavan Mitchell is trying to prove that he’s the best rookie in the league, while Westbrook is making as big of a push as he can. A huge surprise that nobody expected is the Blazers vs Pelicans series. Portland came in as the 3rd seed and are down 3-0. Nobody expected that.

In the Eastern Conference, the matchups are Heat vs 76ers, Cavs vs Pacers, Bucks vs Celtics, and Raptors vs Wizards. Surprisingly, the Cavs are down 2-1 in the first round and will look to tie on Sunday. The 76ers games have been very intense this year and the Heat are putting up a good fight with them too. In the Boston series, the games have been very close and matched in talent, making it a series to keep your eye on. 
All of these series are closing in on the end, so make sure to tune in to the NBA playoffs if interested.