Dodgers can’t take the heat during season opener

Jessikah Ybarra, Reporter

Finally the 2018 Major League Baseball season has started and what better way to enjoy opening day than with two rivalry teams to go head on to start the season. The Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants have been rivals since 1901 where the Dodgers have won 1,166 (2012) while the Giants have won 1,190 coming to a total of 2,356 meetings. Opening day was a devastating blow for the Dodgers even with their best pitcher in, Clayton Kershaw to start the season off. Ty Blach was in place for Giants’ best pitcher Madison Bumgarner. During the first five innings, Blach only allowed three hits within the first five innings with three strikeouts and three walks. With Kershaw still at the mound and Joe Panik up to bat, he was able to hit a 351 foot homerun for the Giants to take the lead 1-0. For the rest of the four innings, both teams were unable to come home which allowed the Giants to start their season off with a win.