Girls Soccer takes their last loss of the season

Jessikah Ybarra, Reporter

Last games are always the saddest part of a season. The people you’ve been working with through the blood, sweat, and tears won’t always be there with you after school at practices. These girls have had a pretty tough season, but through it all they never quit the team because even though they didn’t have the season they pictured they knew that it could be the start of a new team for next year. Monday, February 7th the girls played their last game against Summit Skyhawks. During the first round the girls had defeated the Skyhawks 3-2, but with plenty of mistakes at Wednesday’s game…they weren’t able to defeat them like they did the first round. Their two seniors played the entire game giving it all they got so they could end their season out, what they said in the beginning of the game, “Let’s go out with a BANG!” Unfortunately that “bang” wasn’t there. Good luck next season ladies.