Super Bowl race excites football fans

Jessikah Ybarra, Reporter

With Super Bowl only two weeks away and the pro bowl coming up this weekend, four teams battle for the championship title. Last weekend the New England Patriots played the Jacksonville Jaguars with another trip to the Superbowl for the Patriots.

Minnesota Vikings played against the Philadelphia Eagles later that day and with the best defense in NFL and one of the top teams playing against each other, it was definitely going to be a game to remember. Eagles kicked off to the Vikings first, Case Keenum throws the ball off to Kyle Rudolph with a touch down within minutes of the first quarter. Eagles got the ball but were stopped by the outstanding defensive coverage and now the Vikings get the ball. On the second play, Keenum had pressure on him and throws a pick six for the Eagles to run in for their first touchdown of the game. After the pick six, the best defense of the NFL started to look like the worst defense in the NFL, with missing tackles and low energy. The Vikings weren’t able to score another touchdown for the rest of the game while the Eagles scored 31 more points; coming in at a victory for the Eagles 38-7.

The Eagles continue their journey for Super Bowl on February 4th against the New England Patriots in Minnesota.