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NFL Week: 3

Jesse Gonzales, Reporter

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 In week 13 of the NFL lots of games had meaning as teams are now trying to make the playoffs. Also there was lots of very good games.

  The Thursday Night game was a divisional game between the Cowboys and Redskins. Both teams had been equally good throughout the season so it was a pretty good game. Even though that the Cowboys were without star running back Ezekiel Elliot, they were able to do a good job offensively. Right when the game started, the Cowboys came out hot, as the Redskins looked to be playing sloppy. This carried on through the rest of the game and it showed on the score board. The Cowboys ended up winning this game and it looked with ease, final score was 38-14.

   On Sunday, two of the best teams in the league faced off. It was the Falcons vs Vikings. Both teams have been known for their explosive offenses and defenses. This game was favored for the Vikings to win as they had only lost 3 three games to date. Expected to be a shootout, the game turned out to be very low scoring. Both teams offenses were being shut down. The game ended up coming down to the end since both teams were trying to pull this match out. The Vikings ended up coming out on top. They won with a score of 14-9.

    On Monday Night, a rivalry game went up between the Steelers and Bengals. This will be a game that is remembered for time to come. It was a very vicious game. So vicious that Ryan Shazier from the Steelers is now thought to be paralyzed. Even though the game was going on with huge hits, it remained a close game. At the end of the game Leveon Bell, Steelers RB, took the ball to the right and WR Juju Smith gave a nasty block on the defender which led to him being ejected and after, suspended. After all of this madness went down, the red hot Steelers pulled the game out with a 23-20 win.

  This is what went down in week 13 of the NFL season.

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NFL Week: 3