NFL Week 12

Jesse Gonzales, Reporter

In week 12 of the NFL season, the season is getting serious since playoffs are not far away and teams are trying to make it. Since it was Thanksgiving on Thursday, there was 3 Thursday games rather than 1.

The game that caught most attention on Thursday was Chargers vs Cowboys. For the last few seasons, the Cowboys would usually always win this game, but it was a little different this time around. The Chargers came out hot in Dallas, ready to play. After running back, Ezekiel Elliot, got suspended, the Cowboys are trying to get their offense back on track. This game showed just that because they struggled to score. After the Chargers let out everything on the field, the final score was 28-6.

On Sunday, two of the best teams in football went head to head. The Saints vs Rams game seemed to be anticipated since they both have two of the best records. The Rams were at home in this game, and they took advantage of it. Rams were ahead the whole game, but the Saints were not very far behind. It looked to a shootout between the Rams and the Saints’ backfield in Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara. The final score ended up being 26-20, Rams.

The Sunday Night Game, was very good down to the last seconds. It was a matchup between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Even without Aaron Rodgers, the Packers put up a very strong fight. This was a game where both teams went back and forth, scoring on each other. This game came down to a tie at 28-28 with about one minute left. The Steelers had the ball and managed to get the ball all the way down the field to field goal range. Chris Boswell had the game in his hands as he kicked a 54 yard field goal for the win, and he nailed it right through. The Steelers then improved to 9-2.

These were the most interesting games of the week.