NFL Week: 9

Jesse Gonzales, Reporter

 In week 9 of the NFL season, lots of unusual occurances and highlights happened. A couple of the highlighted games from week 9 were Redskins vs Seahawks, Raiders vs Dolphins, and Cowboys vs Chiefs.

 The first game was the Redskins vs Seahawks which was a very close game. An inital expectation many people had was the fact that there would be a shootout between the two quarterbacks; Kirk Cousins and Russell Wilson, but the two team’s defenses came to play. Going into the last drive of the game by the Redskins, it was 14-10, Seahawks winning. They managed to get the ball down the field against the elite defense of the Seahawks and got a last minute touchdown! This ended up being the game winning score and the Seahawks were defeated 17-14.

Next was the Cowboys against the Chiefs. This was a very high powered game because it was a battle between two of the best offenses in the league which projected for this game to be a high scoring shoot-out. Going into the game, the Chiefs were highly favored to win the game but that was soon to change as the game went on. It looked to be like the Cowboys brought out all they had to show up the 1st place Chiefs, and it worked out for them. They worked well as a unit on both offense and defense which led to them beating Kansas City, 28-17.

 Last was the Sunday Night Primetime Game between the Raiders and Dolphins. Both teams were not doing very well initially, so it was a battle of the middle. The Oakland Raiders were favored going into the game since they obviously have a deeper team all around and more elite players. As the game went on through the first half, it was a pretty close game. After halftime it seemed that the Raiders grabbed control and didn’t look back. As projected, the Raiders ended up beating the Dolphins in there own stadium on Sunday Night. Final score was made close by a late touchdown by the Dolphins making it 27-24, Raiders.

These were the highlighted games from Week 9 of the NFL Season.