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The First Woman in 4 Decades to Win 2017 NYC Marathon

Zaria Epinoza, Reporter

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New York City… a place of wonder, where dreams come true. With thousands of cheering, roaring supporters there to witness this amazing event, 36 year old Shalane Flanagan, her dream of being the first to finish this year’s NYC Marathon came true. She was the first among 50,000 runners to finish the race from Staten Island to Central Park. In fact, Flanagan has made history, being the first American woman to win this race in 4 decades. For most people, this doesn’t come as a surprise to them since Flanagan is an olympic medalist. With that, a lot of people think that she is just naturally athletic. Her unofficial time is 2:26:53. Her official time is unknown at this time. She takes a lot of pride in all her accomplishments, including this one. She proudly represents America by holding up the American Flag after she finishes the race, smiling with tears of joy. All these 50,000 runners should be proud that they have made it this hard. It takes hardworking, decaded, strong, amazing people to take on such challenge. It’s an accomplishment for anyone who has done this race.

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The First Woman in 4 Decades to Win 2017 NYC Marathon