Freshmen Yellowjacket Football League Champions Three Years in a Row

Jessikah Ybarra, Reporter

Our freshmen did it, for three years in a row Colton High School’s Freshmen team are league champions. Thursday, November 2nd the boys played Fontana’s Summit High School. The Skyhawks kicked off to Robert Rodriquez and ran in for a Colton touchdown. Colton attempted a PAT (point after touchdown) but it was to the right just a bit, 6-0 Colton. After Colton kicks off to the Skyhawks and flying around for a bit, the Skyhawks get a touchdown and attempts a two point conversion which now puts them in the lead, 8-6 Skyhawks. It was now time for Colton to kick it up a notch and get some more points on the board, they attempted a PAT. That put Colton back in the lead 13-8. Colton kicks off to the Skyhawks but the Skyhawks turn it over for quarterback Merced to make a pass to Rodriguez for another Colton touchdown to attempt a PAT, 20-8 Colton. Once again Colton kicks off to the Skyhawks but with Colton’s strong defense, we get an interception and that leads to another touchdown for Colton attempting yet another PAT with Colton in the lead 27-8. Now that it’s halftime and with Colton in the lead head coach Frank Ibarra gathers his boys up and reminds them that they should stay humble because the game isn’t over just yet.

The game is starts back up again with Colton kicking off to the Skyhawks, but our defense was unable to stop them for a Skyhawks touchdown attempting a two point conversion but were stopped by Colton, 27-14. Colton’s offense is back on the field once again for another Colton touchdown, as they attempt a PAT there is a flag called on the Skyhawks defense for interfering with Colton’s kicker Hugo Martinez. The ball is moved halfway to the goal line to attempt a two point conversion, 33-14 Colton. The Skyhawks offense is finally back on the field but only to score another Skyhawks touchdown, attempting to make a two point conversion but was unable to push through the Colton’s defense, 33-20. As Colton’s offense steps onto the field one last time they are able to get another touchdown to attempt a PAT, Colton wins 40-20. Congratulations to the freshmen for fighting and working hard since the first week of summer break in June, you guys are carrying on the tradition of putting Colton’s name back on the map.