2018 World Cup Teams

Pedro Dealba, Reporter

The World Cup is the most exciting event to watch for soccer fans. It happens every four years and only 32 countries go. These teams compete to win the trophy. Everyone wants to take back home, but not everyone makes it to the World Cup. The 2018 World Cup will be hosted in Russia. The World Cup will be missing many important countries like the Chile National Team. Chile is a country that has won Copa America twice, 2015 and 2016. They didn’t make it to the World Cup sadly. The USA team will not be going to the World Cup. USA didn’t get enough points to qualify. The Netherlands will not be going to the World Cup, this is the most surprising because they have a history for being in all the World Cups. The 2018 World Cup will not be the same because of this decision. There are teams that made it to the World Cup for the 1st time in history such as panama and iceland. 2018 will be an exciting World Cup, soccer fans are looking forward to the race to get the trophy.