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Should Soccer Have Technological Features?

Pedro Dealba, Reporter

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Soccer should have technology in it, like detecting decisive moments. One of these instances is if the ball goes in the net but is hard to detect since the ref could have missed this, thus technology should be involved because one mistake can cause the other team to be eliminated or lose a trophy. This can make the ref’s job easier because the ref can have a watch and detect if the goal was valid. In the 2014 World Cup, hosted in Brazil, the refs were so overwhelmed that certain teams did not receive the wins they deserved. In result, those countries were eliminated. Many goals are actually offsides and these need to be detected more often many of these mistakes are made, and with technology those mistakes can be prevented. This also puts less pressure on the refs. In conclusion, technology in soccer is beneficial to refs, soccer players, and the millions of fans watching the game in the stadium or at home.

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Should Soccer Have Technological Features?