2017 Freshmen Football


Captains: Gage Gonzales (27), Jesus Castillo (63), Robert Rodriguez (6), Daniel Garule (87), and Vincent DeLaRosa(54)

Jessikah Ybarra, Reporter

There isn’t that many freshmen teams on campus so let’s give the freshmen a little bit of love and see what they’ve been up to. This group of boys have been together since the first week of summer in the weight room and in the heat on the field. They sacrificed their summer just to continue what most of these boys have been doing for years. Thursday, September 28th the boys played Moreno Valley Vikings, but suffered a tough lost.

Head coach, Frank Ibarra, reported back to me, “Colton started off strong but turnovers lead to three Mo Val touchdowns in the first half. The Colton defense shut them out in the second half and Colton scored on their final offensive drive of the game.”

I’ve seen these boys practice and play and I can guarantee that each one them gives 110% at every practice and at every game to show each school what they’re made of. Freshmen aren’t made out to be very important in sports but they should because they are the next generation after the upperclassmen graduate. Recently I had asked Ibarra how he felt about his four main captains and he told me that “Gonzales is a DB leader, good athlete, always willing to learn and has the qualities of the of a leader, Castillo is an OL leader who is hardworking, tough player and shows much confidence, Garuel is a WR leader with great work ethic, always gives 100 percent, and is always positive, last but not least DeLaRosa is a LB leader who plays big every game, he always wants to improve himself and his team.” Every game Ibarra gives another captain spot to one of the players for the weeks game, so this week he chose Rodriguez because “he’s a great worker who always looks for a way to prove himself and give it all for his team every game.”