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NFL season looks to be one of excitement, records broken

Jesse Gonzalez, Reporter

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In the first week of the NFL Preseason, it was good to see the players back on the field and have some fun. On the other hand it was not a good thing to see many players go down with minor, and even season ending injuries. Overall it got the players ready to back right back into action.

          One of the bigger names that got injured in the preseason was Julian Edelman from the New England Patriots. He went down early in their game against the Jets, and was later announced that it was a torn ACL injury that would put him out for the rest of the season.

           Another injury that occurred on Sunday’s Bears game, was up and coming WR from the Chicago Bears, Cameron Meredith. He also went down and never returned to the game. It was later announced that it was a season ending injury.

           In Week 3 of the Preseason, there were a couple of games that were being played by teams with huge fan bases. The most popular game that was played in Week 3 was the Oakland Raiders vs Dallas Cowboys. Both teams look pretty decent in action. The end result was a 24-20 win by the Dallas Cowboys.     

          The second game that was played was the Los Angeles Rams vs Los Angeles Chargers. This was an interesting game because in the future these two teams will be sharing a stadium to play in, and to see the two teams play each other was very cool.

        In end result, the NFL Preseason had many interesting match ups and also a good amount of injuries from players around the league. The regular season will shortly begin.

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NFL season looks to be one of excitement, records broken