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NBA offseason offers trades, realignments

Brian Navarro, Reporter

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The NBA offseason is always an interesting time of year which may be good or bad for you depending on your team preference. This year we have already seen some shocking news which has stunned the states. Some teams have lost vital players in their arsenal while others have gained a fresh pair of hands. We will not know how things will play out until we see it all come to life on the court when next season begins.

The Golden State Warriors the defending champs have  retained their stardom by resigning star Steph Curry and Kevin Durant and several others on their talented organization. They have been ranked number 1 in off season so far. Following Them is the Boston Celtics who have acquired Cleveland star Kyrie Irving and Jazz Star Gordon Hayward. On the downside they have lost their starting point guard Isaiah Thomas and starting forward Jae Crowder.

Now we move on to the Oklahoma city thunder who have add forward Paul george from the pacers to their organization and have still retained a few players on belated contracts. Next, we have a team in desperate need of hand the Philadelphia 76ers who have acquired gaurd J.J Reddick and First round pick Markelle Fultz. At Number 5 we have the houston Rockets who have added Point Guard Chris paul and Guard PJ Tucker to their team while losing guard Patrick Beverley. Here at number six stand the Minnesota Timberwolves who have added bulls star Jimmy Butler to their big man unit along with Jeff Teague at guard. They lost dunk star Zach Lavine and Kris Dunn. At number seven we have the Denver Nuggets a team who nearly made the playoffs last year have acquired forward Paul Millsap.

With this news already there is still much more to come in the near months leading to the season of 2018-2019. We are all hopeful for a good year in the NBA with lots of new match ups and competition.  

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NBA offseason offers trades, realignments