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Freshman Volleyball Captains hold forth on new season’s prospects on the court

Kimberly Castellanos, Reporter

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It’s the start of the season for the volleyball team and a new start for the freshmen players. I got the chance to ask the Freshmen Volleyball Captains, Kyrstin Mitchell (#6) and Saleste Pedroza (#13), a few questions, here’s what they had to say:

What is it like being freshmen volleyball captain?

Kyrstin: “Being a captain on the freshmen volleyball team is interesting. It’s fun at times but you always have to remember to be that strong role model for your players. They look up to you, so it’s always important to do your best and be on top of your A game.”

Saleste: “It’s fun but it has its’ lower points because people see you as “mean” when you try helping them for their own benefit.”

How does volleyball affect your school and home life?

Kyrstin: “Now that I play volleyball it takes up a lot of my home and school life, but when I’m at school I’m strictly focused on school and keeping my grades up to be able to continue to play. While I’m home I do my homework and study more plays for Volleyball.”

Saleste: “ It takes away time I could be spending with my family and it affects my school life because there’s times when we would get home at 7 after a game so I would have to stay up pretty late doing homework.”

What is your favorite position to play in volleyball?

Kyrstin: “ My favorite position would have to be Right side which is a player who spikes or hits the ball over the net. Its an important job to be a hitter because that position is where you get points.”

Saleste: “ My favorite position is left back.”

How do you feel about our team?

Kyrstin: “ My team is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. I love my team they are the people that I strive to be my best  for . They are super strong and have so much motivation.”

Saleste: “ I feel that we’re slowly getting a lot better and our bond is unbreakable.”

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Freshman Volleyball Captains hold forth on new season’s prospects on the court