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Boxing survives the test of time

Erick Inzunza, Reporter

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Many people argue that boxing won’t be the same as before, when champions would fight champions, and this is true. There will never be another Muhammad Ali (56-5-0), or another Mike Tyson (50-6-0). There will never be another Roberto Duran (103-16-0) or another Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. (107-6-2).  But there are great boxers to come, and there are also great boxing matches ahead.

Just a few weeks ago, boxing fans in Wembley Stadium in London, England, witnessed the best heavyweight boxing fight in years. The event sold out 90,000 tickets in one day, for Anthony Joshua (18-0), vs Wladimir Klitschko (64-4). The fight didn’t hold back any excitement, as Klitschko tasted canvas twice in the 5th round. Joshua held up his hands in superiority, only to hit the canvas the following round, by a perfect Klitschko right hand. Although the referee stopped the fight in the 11th round, gaining another victory for Joshua, fans can not deny they were on their feet.

On November of 2016, Sergey Kovalev (30-0-1), ranked number 1 in the light heavyweight division, faced off against the number 2 light heavyweight champion of the world, Andre Ward (30-0-0). Fans were split on which side to be on, the reigning champion Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev, or the American hero, Andre “Son of God” Ward. Ward tasted canvas in the 2nd round, after Kovalev landed a flush right hand on the skull of Ward. Even though Kovalev knocked Ward down, Ward was given the fight via unanimous decision, which had fans in disbelief, since the scorecards add up to Kovalev winning 3 rounds, even with the 2nd round knockout. Nevertheless, another exciting bout for boxing fans around the world.

Yes, there will never be Diego Corrales (39-2-0), vs Jose Luis Castillo (52-6-1). But there still are great fights ahead, with the heavyweight division slowly rising up again, and more champions to come, they will leave boxing fans pleased and on their feet.

Boxing is here to stay.

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Keeping Colton High School informed and entertained since 1917
Boxing survives the test of time