Russell Westbrook makes history with triple double record

Vincent Lopez, Reporter

Westbrook has been having one of the best seasons in his 8 year career as of now he is averaging 31.8 points per game, 10.7 rebounds per game and 10.4 assist per game.

        No one ever thought anyone would get close to Oscar Robinson’s record of 41 triple doubles in one season until Russell Westbrook was carrying his team and achieving triple doubles every other game as his former teammate Kevin Durant left the Thunder, giving Westbrook the spotlight. He did not waste the opportunity as he got triple doubles on almost every basketball team in the NBA. He has made history as he is the second player to average a triple double since 1961 as Oscar Robertson did it with a no longer existing team called the Royals. Russell Westbrook has done so much to earn the triple double record and so much more as he carried his team to the playoffs and a winning record.

    Russell Westbrook had an outstanding game against the Denver Nuggets as he got his 42nd triple double with 50 points 16 rebounds and 10 assist including the game winning shot for the Thunder. This triple double gave him the most triple doubles in the NBA. Westbrook this season has been breaking records as of having the highest scoring triple double, averaging a triple double, and having the most triple doubles in one season. As people are saying he is having the best season ever and should get the mvp as well.