Will Colton regain the upper hand over GT?

Isaac Trujillo, Reporter

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Colton’s big brother effect over GT is interfering with students drive to win. Both Colton’s Yellowjackets and Grand Terrace Titans, have been seeking out a win from their rival. Colton has always had a rivalry since day 1, thus making it interesting every time a game sparks. This has been seen in our community, many people are repping “C-Town” over GT due to the last 4 years except last year.

This rivalry has sparked mainly in football, due to Colton’s love for the high school sports; especially their football team. These last 5 years have been quite interesting because, Colton’s Varsity football team has won in a 4 years streak, until last year. This win against Colton has fueled their drive to keep their winning streak alive This is yet to disperse from this rivalry, yet they take this so seriously both of these opposing teams have students talking “smack” to each other on social media.

Many adults and students have talked badly about each other on social media sites like; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. Many quotes have been said such as “GT is going to take another W this year” or “Colton is going to put GT back in place”. This Big brother effect has its perks, as seen at Football games. People come out all around to support their town, and brings those schools money for the school itself.

As this rivalry continues on there are more people who move here due to the togetherness of  our communities, or the love of the sports. People who know Colton and GT know that our games are a huge thing. Everyone wants a piece of the action so us as a community need to keep this rivalry as a tradition as it has been for years.

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