The Wild Card gets even “Wilder” with Teams Fighting For a Playoff Spot

The Wild Card gets even

Vincent Lopez, Reporter

The MLB wild card race is chaotic with teams winning and losing and just fighting for a chance to go to the playoffs and go to the championship world series game.

In the american league there is a close race with the Toronto Blue Jays leading the pack with a record of 83-69 but only leading by one game ahead of the Detroit Tigers, Baltimore Orioles, Houston Astros,and the Seattle Mariners only a couple of games back. The Toronto Blue Jays have a challenging schedule left facing the New York Yankees and the Orioles.The Tigers have a tough schedule facing the Orioles and the Cleveland Indians in the wild card mix. Now, in the National League, the wild card is even crazier with a three way tie for the first spot. The New York Mets, San Francisco Giants, and the St. Louis Cardinals are all at a record of 81-72. The Mets play the Philadelphia Phillies and the Miami Marlins in the next set of games, which should be easy wins for the Mets however. The Giants play the Padres and the Dodgers to determine which will challenge the Cardinals and will play the Cubs and the Pirates, which will be tough due to the Mets having a 72% chance to make it to the playoffs and the Cardinals have a lower 64% chance to make it. On the American league side, the Blue Jays have an 81% chance to make it to the playoffs and the orioles have a 52% chance to make it and the Astros have a 23% chance which aren’t good

This MLB season has been a great one everyone doing good but in a couple weeks we will separate the good from the bad and the people with heart and don’t it will be very exciting to watch the playoffs.