Pros and Cons of Free Health Care

Nadia Perez, Reporter

Health care is what helps people with their medical needs. Here are the pros and cons of it being free. The pros are extending care, reducing medical costs, existing working models. The cons are longer wait times, and raised taxes. According to Kay Ireland and her article “Pros & Cons of Free Universal Health Care”  those are the pros and cons of having free health care. In the article it also states that 45 million Americans are not insured. Since those 45 million Americans are not insured 45,000 of them die per year. So with extending care the percentages would drop and the lifespan would extend.

There are longer lifespan in countries that have a universal health care system. The second pro which is reducing medical costs would be a huge help with families. The government does not regulate hospital fees and premium insurance. The ones who regulate the fees have set the cost way overpriced. If there was a university health care then the fees would be controlled by the government and they would be reduced and monitored. The last pro is that existing working models of university health care already are happening. They are in Germany, Switzerland, Canada, and Taiwan.

These countries have successful free health care systems which are run by the government. The health care are for all lawful residents. Those countries might not have the same population as the United States they have proven that free health care for a whole nation. Now time for the cons which are longer wait times, and raised taxes. The cons of longer wait times are directed to the emergency rooms. Since the health care is free then that would mean people have access to the emergency room all the time and sometimes a person could use it for the wrong use. The wrong use of the emergency room is for example someone