The Best Hunter x Hunter Story Arcs

Gift Osueke, Reporter

The Hunter X Hunter series was a special one, it was one of those series that was rebooted and because of its popularity, and got even more popular with the reboot, it managed to get better and better throughout the years. With the Newer version came even better and well written and thought out story arcs that further elevated the general plot of the anime. The anime’s original run had a total of 4 story arcs, that were later joined by 2 new arcs from the anime’s reboot. 

Officially the anime has a total of  7 arcs which are the Hunter Exam Arcs, The Heavens Arena arc, The Yorknew City arc and the Greed Island arc, but there is an additional arc that is counted as an arc but was never officially named as one which is the Zoldyck Family arc. With the newer adaptation came 2 more story arcs which were the Chimera arc and the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc. 

The world of Hunter X Hunter has and is still one of the best world building in the world of anime it’s it’s well crafted power system, it’s writing and it’s plot, that all ties together nicely and ingeniously in its well crafted story arcs bringing life to the anime, and cementing it as one of the greatest of its times.