About Love – Review

Jorslint Jaramillo


         Have you heard the song called “About love” written by Marina? No? Well if you are interested to know a bit about it, I am here to do just that, inform you about it before you take a listen. 


This song was released this year in 2020, produced by Captain Cuts, and the genre is pop. This song featured in the movie “To all the boys, PS: I still love you” which was directed by Micheal Fimognari. The song tells about the effects left behind when someone is falling in love as though for the first time, as well as how it feels. Not only are the lyrics very catchy, but they give the message out perfectly and smoothly. It also describes the confusion and how it impacts the person through very mixed emotions that occur with this.


The way the lyrics stick and run well isn’t the only thing that may catch your attention, the rhythm and beat are also another factor that may come your way. How the piano and guitar combine is rather charming, it also keeps the aura the lyrics give off on track. You may feel calm and joyed when you listen to this song due to how the beat keeps a serene tone to it. 


How these all come together in the song, makes it really special and catchy, the lyrics are or can be charming, and the overall instrumentals just add to the calm yet joyful feeling it is intended to give off to the listener. How the song describes the emotion and confusion can or may not be relatable, depending on the listener themself, here is a verse that sums up the song; “ I don’t really know alot about love, but you’re in my head you’re in my blood and it feels so good, it hurts so much.”


In the end, this is my personal opinion, what do you think? Is the song really as good as I described it?