Stressful School


Ary Soto, Reporter

Don’t you hate it when you have 7 assignments due, 3 test, and 5 things to do for homework? Doesn’t that stress you out a whole bunch? Well in this article I will be giving my tips and some other students tips on how we deal with stress everyday.
Dont lie and say you don’t procrastinate the whole week you have an assignment until the last minute, in any case, we all do that at one point. That puts a lot of stress on us and it’s our fault kind of but if your in that predicament at any moment here are some tips. First remind yourself to NOT do it again, putting things to the side for a very long time doesn’t help you our any bit. Keep track of time and do things that need to be done as soon as possible. Relax yourself and clear your mind, you don’t want to have a bunch of things going on inside your head while doing a task. Have mini snack breaks if it helps and your like me and can’t sit down for too long or you start getting bored and daydreaming. Know your limits on many things, make sure your phone and any electronic is not bothering you too much or else you will lose track of time while using it. Don’t do the task if your really not into it, yes your gonna still need to do it, but get your energy out and figure out a way to make the assignment fun. 

I interviewed some kids who deal with stress over school much more than I do that are in some interesting electives. Freshman Athena Ruiz in welding said she breathes and cries her stress away. “I usually just focus on breathing, taking a breath, and letting myself think” this is a good way to calmly but simply reduce your stress. Senior Salvador Vaskuz runs his stress away. He is in track and cross country so it helps way more. He enjoys running with teammates and runs at least 6 miles. That is one healthy way to deal with your stress. Much more people I interviewed said they use music and friends to help them out. Music calms them down from all the thoughts and stress left in their mind and keeps them in a happy place. Same thing with friends, friends are a very positive thing in life. They can relieve all the stress by trying to make you happy and even helping you out with stuff going on. There can be many ways to cope with stress but here are a few that others and I use to deal with it.