Outside Food Should be Allowed in School

Nathaly Rodriguez, Reporters

Colton High School recently has a rule that no outside food should be allowed inside the school. Either someone we know bringing it to us during school hours or just bringing it ourselves. Sometimes students still bring food into the school, but some may get in trouble for that. The school food really isn’t great and that is why outside food should be allowed during school. Students like to bring their own food from their homes, and that is fine, but sometimes others don’t even have food at home because their parents work, so they end up buying fast food.Overall, every person has the right to eat whatever they want and they shouldn’t feel forced to eat the school food because they are hungry.

The school food really isn’t the best and many many students don’t like it because of just how bad it is. Allowing students bring any food to school means that they won’t be hungry for the whole day and having to wait until they get home to eat something. If students don’t eat, then all they think about is eating food and end up not focusing on school work. Instead of the school wasting money for the cafeteria food, they should just allow outside food which is way easier because fast food is already prepared and all the students have to do is just buy it.

Some reasons why the school doesn’t allow other foods is because its unhealthy or because the students can put certain things into the foods. Yes, fast food or any other foods can be unhealthy but it doesn’t mean students will never eat it and its better for them to eat that than to starve. And the school shouldn’t focus of what some students might do, they should just focus on their education and if they don’t want that, then there shouldn’t be any force. Eating during class can and might help students with concentration because they can get really hungry when they don’t eat so eating food helps them. Even bringing a little snack will quench their hunger and and boost their focus.