Is the government spying on us?


Mark Rey, Reporter

There have been many theories and statements that the Government is spying on us using our phone cameras and other electronic devices. Some people even say electronics like speakers that don’t have cameras are spying on use using the microphone to see what we talk about. Recently the government security agencies like the NSA or CIA can have access to your phones or computers using the codes programmed into each one. So This means that these security agencies can have access to your phone calls, read your messages, capture pictures of you, stream videos of you, read your emails, and even steal your personal files at any time. Many people who live in America use duct tape to cover their phone cameras or laptop webcams so just in case if the government in tuning in on them they won’t be able to see anything at all. Other people use things such as VPN or encrypted emails and messages so your phone won’t be able to be tracked or hacked by the government in any way. So, why is the government trying to spy on everyone and why are they using our cameras to do it? What are they trying to look for or prevent? How do people know that the government is spying and when did they find out?

        My opinion on this is that I believe that the government shouldn’t be spying on us in anyway at all, including our mobile devices. I believe that our phones should be under our control and we should be the ones responsible for what happens to them. Although, the government mostly does this for evidence if they have a case or to make sure we aren’t committing any crimes or doing anything illegal on the web. My point still remains valid because there are many other ways to approach this matter. Many people are scared and using older, outdated phones to keep the government from being able to hack their phone. This matter has only begun and raising a lot of attention. Who knows what else the government is doing behind our backs.