Having A Class In Schools About Adulthood

Nathaly Rodriguez, Reporter

Becoming an adult is different for everyone. We become fully grown and mature, and that is when we start living on our own and becoming financially independent. This is the time where we take full responsibility for our own life. Most young people never really learn what it is like to become a full adult. With all the payments and how to live on your own. Usually they learn little with their own parents, but schools do not prepare students for adulthood and real life. School focuses primarily on academic success and going to college and university, but they should add courses of adulthood.

All students should be able to learn what it’s like to pay bills and buying big things, like houses and cars. There are some students that don’t end up going to college or university, so they are on their own with little information about things around them. School shouldn’t just focus on academic success, but also adulthood and the circumstances. Yes, going to high school helps you prepare for more school after, but there are more important things to know and learn. Schools today should teach students about personal finance and sustainable living. Money is the most big important thing to know about.

We live to make money and we pay to live. We buy houses, cars, food, clothes, etc. All is for survival and that means also getting a job. School doesn’t teach all of that and all children and students spend most of their young years in school. Once students are 18 and on their own after high school, they will continue going to school but not knowing anything about money and taxes. High schools generally aim to prepare students for college, but they do not make sure that their students actually go to college or have a plan on how they are going to succeed in life. Students should be taught how to manage their money, what career options are available and how to communicate in a business setting. This will allow students to have a better idea of how they want to live their future.