Seniors should have more Incentives


Jasmine Santos, Reporter

Your senior year is the most important year of your highschool life. Colton High School has extremely strict school policies, and just more rules than ordinary schools do. I understand that schools are going to have their rules and its policies, but I personally don’t think that it would affect the school negatively if the administrators, or school staff would be more lenient with what the senior class can and can’t do. Some of the things that can be specified for only seniors would be like off campus lunch/ open campus lunch. Meaning that any one in the graduating class can leave the school during lunch time to buy their own lunch and come back, or even order their own food and not get it taken away from the security guards.

Another incentive for seniors could be, being allowed to have more than just one home period and to be able to have them in any part of their schedule, not just in the beginning or end. 

Seniors are just closer to adulthood so I personally feel like it would only make sense to treat us like adults, we are preparing for the outside world. Many teachers and administrators fail to realize that to be respected they should always give and show respect as well. I feel like since senior year is our last year of school it would only make sense to change it up on our last year. It would honestly make senior year more enjoyable and memorable for the graduating class. People do not want to look back at their senior year and have to remember how obnoxious school rules were even during senior year.

If you’re meeting or exceeding the school’s grading standards there shouldn’t be a problem with allowing us to do more than the lower class men. Senior events are truly appreciated during senior year and every lower class men probably looks forward to them until senior year, so just imagine how much more encouraging senior incentives would be to the younger classes. It would give them more of a reason to not just slack off in school so it’s something to be highly considered, when establishing next school year’s rules.