Bad News for Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Dodgers

Steven Ornelas, Reporter

It sucks to be a dodger fan right now because they have lost the playoff divisional round. They have choked in the playoffs for 6 years straight since 2014 and all the dodgers need to do is fire the general managers.

First and foremost , Dave Roberts because he has been the coach for 6 years and counting of play off losses including the world series they lost 2 times in a row. The dodgers are a really good team had the best record in the mlb its just the manager on the pitching changes he makes. The best player on the dodgers  is raining mvp and future hall of fame, cody bellinger. He really had a good start to the season but towards the end of playoffs he really couldn’t find his rhythm towards the game. The Dodgers are really good it’s just the pitching part that costs us the game like game 5 of the divisional round dodgers up 2-0 the managers brings in the best pitcher Clayton Kershaw 8th inning and then boom the nationals hit 2 home runs off of him in a row so tied game we went extra innings and at the 10th inning the manager brings in joe kelly a pitcher that been struggling then boom he gives up a grandslam the nationals took out the Dodgers in the playoffs to a 6-2 win.

For a dallas cowboys fan they did really good the first 3 games because the teams they played were an easy team until they got to the saints and packers. The Cowboys lost to those challenging teams but the saints had a backup qb who beat us on field goals. So they should have won that game, And the packers were always a good team cause of Aaron Rodgers. But the sad part is how can the cowboys lose to the suckiest team in the nfl. The jets were 0-4 the worst team and they played their best on the cowboys and beat them so the media says fire the coach jason garett because of that but there are some concerns with the cowboys like are they gonna bounce back or suck or how their future will be. But let’s hope the cowboys will bounce back next game