Life threatening fires hit the Amazon Rainforest–will we fiddle while the world burns?


Mark Rey, Reporter

The Amazon Rainforest, located in Brazil, has been under heavy fire for the past couple of months. This has sparked a lot of attention to the world. The Amazon Rainforest provides 20% of the World’s oxygen, so why has this just been heard when the fire has been happening for months; this is obviously a big part of our ecosystem. While one-fifth of our whole world’s air is being burned to the ground we are just sitting here helpless. According to scientific research, the fires have been happening because of the dry climate this past year. It is said to be the driest time of the year. Since the fire has started it is estimated that there has been at least 2,500 active fires.

Since the Amazon Rainforest is such a big provider for the World’s oxygen we should be more concerned about taking care of it rather than talking and ranting about it over social media. Climate change has also been a major issue in the world and it is only getting worse. Since the world’s temperature plummeted in the past year or two, it is also speculated to be another reason the Amazon Rainforest fire started. The fire can be seen from space and NASA has released information about the fire. After extensive research, they’ve seen that there is Carbon Monoxide mixed with the fires. Due to this, the Fire is now more toxic and dangerous to the local towns and villages near the Amazon Rainforest. One of the main ways you can help the cause to save our Rainforest is to donate to the “Amazon Trust” cause. Donating to this foundation helps clear all the fires and keeping everything safe. This foundation has saved over 23 million acres of land. That being said, donate to save our planet from perishing and turning to dust in 100 years.