Should girls and boys be allowed to play in the same sports team?

Adriana Medina, Reporter

     Sports are all mostly divided into genders. For example, in sports, males and females play separately in their own teams. There has been times where a female has played with males. But, not everyone agrees that females should be able to play with them. My first interviewer said, “It depends which sport is which. In some cases, males can hurt a female since some females aren’t considered as strong as males. But, in other cases, there are some females that could also be better at sports than males.” My thoughts on what they said is that some females have a different pain tolerance. Some women can’t handle the pain or handle it like any other guy can. But there are some women that are weaker so that does make a difference. 

      Most people agree with my first interviewer, but there are also some people that don’t. My second interviewer said, “Females should not be allowed to play with males. The reason is because males have it stronger than females. Which means males can hurt females and be better at sports than them and females can make the team lose”. According to a website, it says females may not be stronger than men, but that does not mean that they aren’t better. Females can have enough training to the point where they can defeat males. 

     My third interviewer said, “I think women should be able to play with males. So many people think guys are better and stronger, and if we put females with males, everyone will notice that women can be just as good, possibly even better.” My thoughts on the third interviewers saying, is that they can be correct. I think some females deserve to play with men just so others can see that just because they’re the opposite gender, doesn’t mean one isn’t as good as the other. 

     My opinion is that it should depend what sport it is, or which woman will play in the sport. If a female has shown that she has the same strength and the same game as a male, she should be allowed to join the male team. But, if the female doesn’t seem ready or enough to be with the guys, she shouldn’t be on their team. I do truly believe, however, that people should realize that some women can be better at sports than men, or can also be just as good.