HEAL banquet leaves seniors emotional


Alyssa Wilborn, Reporter

Last weekend, on Friday, May 3, 2019 was the HEAL Banquet. The event took place at Golden Corral, where people had so many different food selections to choose from. The banquet started at 5:30 p.m., but since I am one of the people who help set up the party room for this event I was there at 4:30.

The plan for the banquet was to set up a photo backdrop to take pictures in front of but we had a issue with keeping the curtains up and straight so this idea went down the drain. Not only that but once people started arriving I knew that we would not have enough room to fit everyone inside. On the sign in sheet there was over 95+ sign ups from all grade levels planning to attend so we had to do the best we could to try to fit as many people in this party room.

After a majority of people arrived they started eating followed by giving out recognition awards and sashes for the seniors. Being a senior and receiving two awards and my sash was such a bittersweet moment, I started to cry as Mrs. Baker (HEAL advisor) placed the sash around my neck. It all started to hit me that I’m basically done with high school and almost onto the next chapter in my life. Also, seeing all my friends go up there and receive their sashes really made me realize I should be grateful to have met great people.

Seeing a majority of my teachers throughout all four of my high school years was such a great feeling and I’m more than thankful to have had these teachers as well. I really have grown to love all of them and their teaching ways. They’ve worked with me until I was able to really understand that making mistakes is okay, and that everyone makes them but you shouldn’t make the same mistake twice. I really do hope to keep in contact even after high school and I plan on visiting them maybe after a year or so from graduating to see how they are doing.