Seniors are growing more stressed with graduation right around the corner

Seniors are growing more stressed with graduation right around the corner

Alyssa Wilborn, Reporter

Graduation is approaching fast, and I think I speak for many Seniors when I say that I have never been so stressed out before. The CAR (ceremony at risk) list is going out sometime next month in May. Basically, this is a list of students who have unpaid fees, attendance issues, or haven’t signed the senior contract. As if we aren’t under enough pressure studying and preparing for finals.

Besides being stressed, all the senior activities are coming up and I can’t wait for Grad Nite or graduation. This year has been a little hectic and different from the past schools years because we now have a new ASB Representative. The city of Colton, including parents and students, has decided that graduation should be at the Colton High School Football Stadium. This the tradition that we have had for many years. Last year the class of 2018 was forced to have their graduation at the San Manuel Baseball Stadium due to the CHS Football Stadium being under renovation.

This year has flown by so fast and, for me, personally, it has its ups and downs. The reason is because I feel like the vast majority of us won’t know where to start once we graduate. On the other hand, I do look forward to going off to college and beginning that experience. I’m also very sad to leave all of the great teachers I have met and had throughout all my four years of high school. I plan on keeping in contact with a few of them and I’m sure I will be stopping by and paying them all a visit.

Graduation is a moment that every student can’t wait to experience but now that it is here I wish I still had a couple months to have before I go into the real world. Personally, I feel a bit scared because you don’t know what you might experience or have to deal with as you grow up into an adult.