Are Mexicans treated differently when they return to Mexico since the start of construction on the wall?

Alyssa Wilborn, Reporter

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Colton High School student, Deana Aguilar, shares her experience on going to Mexico with all this talk of building the wall. The first question I asked Deana was, “Does the experience of going to Mexico differ knowing about the wall separating Mexico from the U.S?” Her response was, “Yes, because when you go to Mexico the lifestyle is different than the U.S. lifestyle; they produce differently. She continued by saying, “I feel like Hispanics feel like living in the U.S. is luxurious and much easier but what they really don’t know is how the wall can make an impact on the U.S. and Mexico.”

Next question I asked was, “Do the people act differently towards others?” In response to that question she says, “I feel people see us the same, but they do try to overprice things because you are from here.” From my perspective, I can see where she is coming from but I feel like they shouldn’t change anything no matter where you are from.

The last question I asked Deana was, “What are your political views on building the wall? Should it be done or not?” She responded with, “I feel the wall should not be built. Many people are just trying to give their family a better life.”

I also believe that some people come to the U.S looking for better job opportunities for themselves and family members. On the other hand, people believe that immigrants should stay in Mexico and stop taking our jobs out here in the U.S. I personally believe that the wall should not be funded or even built. I believe this because everyone should be able to have the same equal chance/rights. This goes for job opportunities, finding a house, and even life in general. In recent years, politics have been talked about the most causing conflict. With this new presidential election coming up in 2020, I’m sure some will be relieved that we will soon have a new president in office.


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