Are students prepared to start their own business after high school? It’s up to them.

Isaiah Valadez, Reporter

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Many students have their own ideas, and a lot of those ideas can come to life if brought out correctly. The real question is, “Is Colton High School preparing students who want to start a business?”

Sophomore Antonio Aguirre stated, “I had the same question because if a student wants to start their own business is there really a class to help with that.” An article by also states that “Starting and expanding a business isn’t easy. Problems inevitably arise, and it’s up to you to fix them, and keep the firm moving in the right direction. Instead of hiding challenges and even setbacks from your kids, you should expose them directly to what’s happening. Not only will their unique input help, but you’ll show them what it looks like to think creatively. And that perfectly points to the fact that it’s important on the mind as well and that we need to look at those facts. The article continues, The value of setting and achieving goals isn’t something that easily registers with many children. Kids are notorious for starting something and then moving on without finishing it. Somewhere between the excitement of embarking on an adventure and the pleasure of arriving at the finished product, the average child gets bored and loses his or her sense of purpose.

This helps students gain “people skills” while learning that it takes hard work to get what they want.  People often seem to think things are handed to them and that’s why we need to prepare students for jobs so they can fulfill their dreams.

Another important fact to look upon is that kids and teens nowadays don’t know how to set goals for themselves. With doing your own work comes setting and achieving your own goals. It helps to draw their attention to things like knowing what you’re good at and what your not. With bigger responsibilities and bigger tasks to achieve, they will not only learn what it feels like to achieve a goal but they’ll also learn a way they can do better or improve next time. It helps them to strive for new goals more and more.


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