Yielding for animals on the road is crucial

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As a driver myself, people are taught to keep driving no matter if an animal appears on the road. This is supposed to help you not create any traffic behind you. However, I think that it’s hypocritical to tell people in the world to yield for huge animals or wild animals and people. Why should we discriminate smaller domestic animals such as cats and dogs in the streets? It makes no sense to have to kill this animal if it comes in the road to not create any traffic, but we are told to definitely yield for others. Both animals and humans can feel pain. So why put an animal to misery when running them over because you cannot create any sudden traffic behind you or create a car crash from the sudden stop for the animal.

Smaller animals deserve to have the same respect that wild animals have. Both feel the same pain and adrenaline when a huge vehicle is coming towards them. Imagine if you’re crossing the street and you see a huge vehicle coming your way with no signs of stopping. Smaller animals may feel this as they are seen as nothing to drivers. This rule should change because of this. Animals are still animals whether they are domestic or not. Every living thing that has a heart will definitely feel pain so why leave them in the street to suffer.

Understanding the problem for yielding for smaller animals could cause a bigger crash that could involve another humans life, but again it’s hypocritical to think of an animals life as nothing. They are put on this earth for a reason. They too serve purposes in the world as we people. The driving rules should definitely change as a driver should never have to kill a living thing because they are able to create a bigger mess. By not seeing a cat or dog get run over as a mess at all, then that for sure is hypocritical. As stated before no living thing should have to feel the pain all alone in the street as they are continuously getting ran over by huge vehicles.


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