Dating in high school could affect your education

Jocelyn Larios, Reporter

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Do couples recommend having a relationship in school? When is it a better time to start in a relationship with someone? Was there a time where the relationship they were in began to affect their school time? Were they happy in those relationships and was it worth it? Did your relationship ever mess with your education? How do manage your time while in school with your loved one?

 Senior Susan Regoza a Senior explains her view of relationships in high school. As someone who is currently in a relationship, Regoza gave her thoughts on whether being in a relationship affect your education. “Depends if you’re all in it and how much time you put into it.” she goes on saying how happy she is in this relationship and how her education and her relationship are both really good. She continues explaining how while in the relationship they both give each other time to do their own thing like give each other space to finish homework or even push each other to do things that need to be done. “Having motivation from someone you love is key while in High school,” Regoza states that having a relationship in high school is nice but she only recommends being in a relationship if you’re ready to settle down.

Senior Hugo Rojas was in a relationship last year and he goes on to say that he was unfortunately cheated on. While he was in that relationship did he ever just focus on it then school? He explains that while in that relationship he put his 100% into even if it meant being late to class or maybe not even going for her. She affected his education a lot, he wasn’t happy at all, but he recommends that it’s better to stay out of a relationship because we are all so young and still got so much to do in our lives. “Because it’s not a lie if it’s how you feel”.

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