Recent tragedies from across the country lead to new fire drill rules

Isaiah Valadez, Reporter

The new fire alarm system? Is it beneficial or not?  The fire alarm system is a device and protocol to help you with potential danger and fire. “With school now back in session, parents and teachers alike are constantly thinking about the safety of the students once they are in the classroom. Parents must trust that teachers and administrators will keep their children safe at all times while they are in the classroom. Teachers must follow proper procedures to ensure the safety of the students while they are in their care. One way to help ensure the safety of both students and teachers is through a school fire alarm system. A school fire alarm system will alert the entire school population of a fire emergency. While a fire situation is a serious event that occurs very seldom in school systems, it is important for students and teachers to know how to act”. (Source:

The system is a good idea and will always be, I’d like to talk about how it could be improved but that’s not what i’m here to talk about. I’m here to talk about our new school fire alarm system at Colton High School. Our new system requires us to wait until an announcement to start moving out the doors. It seems like a great idea right, but is it really? 

Student John Garcia had a very interesting point. Garcia stated “I think it’s beneficial because if it is a school shooting and no one runs out then there will be zero to little casualties”An different view point was brought to Garcia’s attention. Some who believes the system was not a good idea argues that a potential shooter could start an actual fire and then the kids and staff would be vulnerable because then they would walk outside. He replied, “No matter what there are flaws to every system and that is the flaw in ours.”

The system is a good addition to our school and could potentially help save our lives. Sure the system has flaws, but that’s what we should be improving on daily. That’s why  it’s important and useful.