Spirit week foreshadows an exciting year for Colton High’s students

Enrique Baltazar, Reporter

Senior, Margaret Marin, dressing up for Stuck in Summer day.

This week Colton High School showed its school pride by taking part in ASB’s spirit week, this week consisted of fun lunchtime activities and five spirit days you could take part in. These themes were Stuck In Summer Monday, Team Tuesday, Striped Out Wednesday, Floral Thursday, Colton Pride Friday. If you participated in any day of ASB’s spirit week, you received a raffle ticket and with that raffle ticket you had the chance of winning a ten dollar gift card to Starbucks, the more days you participated the more of a chance of winning the gift card you had.To kick off the week we had Stuck In Summer day where you had to dress as tropical and summery as possible. During lunch that day, the activity was a game where you had to toss a water balloon into a bucket full of water with inflatable pool drink holder in it. The goal of this game was to get the water balloon into the holder.

The second day was Team Tuesday where you got to wear your favorite team’s merchandise, it could’ve been a
local team or a professional team. During this day, lunch time activity was where one person would have a bucket on their head and another person would try to throw miniature footballs into the bucket.

Senior, Andrew Bernales, wearing his striped shirt for Stripes day!

The third day was striped day, so students wore their best stripes in support of ASB spirit week. During lunch that day, the activity was a classic carnival game where you had to throw a baseball at a pyramid of tin cans.

Thursday was floral day, students to wore an article of clothing that had floral print on it. The lunch time activity was a cup stacking game and if you win you would receive a flower.

This friday was Colton pride day so you had to wear crimson and gold or you could have worn an article of clothing that had the CHS logo. Lunch activity was an elevated game of , where there is hula-hoops on the floor and you jump in the hoops until you meet your opponent and you play rock-paper-scissors. The winner of that game keeps going until they meet the end of the hula-hoops. The winner of the Starbucks cards were announced this day.

The overall participation of the spirit day was fantastic! I was glad to see the level of participation this week and hope to see it again soon.