Want to visit some neat websites when you’re bored

Gavin Kale, Reporter

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We all know that the internet is a big place. I’ve said that before, but you wanna know what I haven’t said before? These cool websites you can visit are fun to look at and explore. Ever wonder what a island would be like if you were the one who chose who was on it and what you had? Well, on http://neal.fun/draw-your-island/ you can. You can choose if you want a cat on your island, or a dog, so try it and get creative. You ever think, “hmmm, if I was as rich as Bill Gates, how would I spend my money?” Well now you can! On http://neal.fun/spend/ you can spend Bill Gates’ money, which is 90 billion dollars. You can buy an NFL team, a cheeseburger, a Tesla, and more! Alongside thinking about being marooned on an island and being a multi-billionaire, what are the chances of winning the Powerball Grand Prize? Well you wouldn’t believe this, there’s a website for that too! On http://neal.fun/powerball/ you can try and see if you can win the Powerball. Well I think that’s enough websites to entertain someone for at least an afternoon.

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