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Take these easy tips to increase your finals scores

Armand Trujillo, Reporter

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Studying for finals can be hard but being properly prepared is even worse. Since it will be seniors last two weeks of finals they will have to study hard. Now, think about the other students who aren’t seniors. Studies suggest cramming information in one night does not help the mind retain information. So, if you want the best of both worlds and a sleepless night…I suggest you follow three simple steps.

The first steps of passing finals is to study a week in advance for the finals. Not only will it help you retain the information but you won’t feel like you have to cram anything the night before. Not everyone knows this step, a good sleep routine keeps the mind sharp. The reason why so many say to have a good sleeping routine is because not only does it have your mind fully energized it helps you later in the future for mental and physical health. Last but not least, feeding the body. So many don’t know that the stuff you feed your body affects mental health. If you eat breakfast before going to take finals, it’ll help you stay up in class and remember the information for the finals. Just by doing these simple steps, they can help you with your finals. It helps the mind and the body all in one. Do well and pass the finals with good scores!

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Take these easy tips to increase your finals scores