How my freshman year helped me grow as a student

Kimberly Castellanos, Reporter

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This past school year was filled with so many memories, challenges, and many other events that I won’t ever forget about.

One of the first clubs I got myself into was the Jv soccer team. I loved playing with all of my teammates that I eventually became really close to and had a lot of great memories with on and off the field. From our games at Valley College to our last home game and going out to support Varsity Seniors.

I was doing everything I could  to maintain my grades because I knew that I wanted to make Top 10 for my Freshmen year and I did it.  I made Top 10 and I had ranked number 4. Going up on that stage and receiving my paper stating what I had achieved. Only to realize they had misspelled my name but that didn’t really matter. There are so many other things that made my Freshmen year better like my Link Crew Leaders, going to watch volleyball and support my best friend, and going to football games right after.

This school year is finally coming to an end and I can’t wait to see what my results for my current challenge is, I am trying out for volleyball JV and have been going to every last spring practice. Well here is to all the special memories I have had and to all the people that were there to help me make them.

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