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Summer break is on it’s way, what are you doing for break?

Jade Angel, Reporter

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After, what feels like an eternity, in just 3 more weeks we will finally be out on summer vacation. Most students look forward to this every year, it gives us a time to relax, not think about all the math and english problems that we have. I am coming to the end of my sophomore year that has been nothing but easy, there are some things that I can’t complain about but definitely have some things that I should or shouldn’t have done. I have been working hard these past few months trying to lift my grades from what I’ve been slacking on this semester. In my mind, I feel as though I am already on break, I am very excited to see what happens during these next two months after the school year ends. I plan on going to visit my family during the summer some of my relatives that live in Arizona and also some that live in Mexico.

The only con of going out there is the dry and suffocating heat that is felt throughout most of the year but mainly in the summer, full day swims are the best for these days. During the night it’s different, it cools off so satisfyingly. I plan on having a really great summer. I hope you do as well!

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Summer break is on it’s way, what are you doing for break?