Scholarships aren’t enough for future student athletes

Jessikah Ybarra, Reporter

Here in Colton, there are kids who dream about making it to the big leagues, but there are very few who actually get a full ride scholarship or just a scholarship in general. According to CBS, only two percent of student athletes get scholarships at NCAA colleges. Being a student athlete in college means that you won’t have time to have a job because you have to make time for studying and practice/games. This makes you have to rely on your family to help pay for more than half of the expenses that need to be paid off. You might be thinking, that if you get a full ride then it’s not that much to pay for, but according to Best Colleges Online- a full ride athletic scholarship technically doesn’t exist. “They are renewed each year at the coach’s discretion for a maximum of five years within a six-year period. Even then, there’s a good chance your scholarship won’t even cover the cost of tuition, with the average athletic scholarship coming out to about $10,400.” In my opinion, colleges should give student athletes different types of scholarships along with financial aid. If you’re the two percent who can afford to play in college, one of 25 will make it to the big leagues out of roughly 460,000 student athletes, so only 18,400 athletes will make it all the way. Now what happens to those who don’t? The rest of the athletes will end up trying to find a career and be in a huge debt because they’ve dedicated the past five years with no job no extra cash, hoping that they can make it big even though they weren’t getting paid for it. According to the NCAA, “In addition to cost of attendance, the Oakland, California, judge ruled that colleges should be allowed to put aside up to $5,000 a year in a trust fund to compensate an athlete for use of his name, image and likeness.” After so many years of student’s not being paid for the sacrifices they’ve made, things might actually turn around.