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Avid stole ceremony honors teachers who played vital role in student lives

Monzerrat Gonzalez, Reporter

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 On Friday, April 27th  the Avid stole ceremony took place. It was a beautiful ceremony where Avid Students (such as myself), got the chance to recognize one of the many teachers on campus helped who shaped us into the person we are today. The ceremony started off with the Avid cardboard confessional video which showcased students thanking the Avid program helping them get into the university they’ll be attending next fall.

I myself asked AP English III teacher, Lucy Leyva to present my stole to me. The reason why I chose Leyva was that she helped me grow into a strong individual that never gave up. For the past two years, I always felt like I wasn’t good enough. Leyva always thought different of me. She believed in me when I lost all hope in myself. She never let a test or an assignment define my greatness. Instead of saying I wasn’t good enough, she continued to motivate me to achieve my potential. For all of these reasons, is why I chose her. Once I told Leyva, she hugged me and told me she was proud of me. I have never felt so accomplished. There are no words to describe how grateful and blessed I am to of had Leyva be apart of my journey. I hope I one day achieve my goal of becoming a teacher and inspiring my students like Leyva did to me. 

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Avid stole ceremony honors teachers who played vital role in student lives