No more cramming for upcoming exams, take some tips!

Jessikah Ybarra, Reporter

As the end of the year approaches us, this means that all of these tests are being thrown at our face and it’s all overwhelming. We don’t know how to properly prepare for them.

Some ways to improve your studying is to: walk around before the actual exam, speak out loud instead of reading in your head, reward yourself with a treat, teach what you have learned, create mental associations, draw diagrams, use times new roman font, turn your notifications off on your phone, watch a documentary on the topic, create flashcards, take regular study breaks, listen to music, make your study space portable, and don’t stay up all night before the exam.

Walking around before the actual exam will improve the performance on the test. Speaking out loud instead of reading in your head will help you remember more of what you read. Rewarding yourself with a treat will motivate you to want you to do better. Teaching what you have learned will help with memorization, so you won’t forget. Creating mental associations gives you the ability to make connections and to fuel yourself with creativity and intelligence. Drawing diagrams can help you visualize information that could be hard to describe. Using Times New Romans is one of the fastest fonts to read and it’s easy to access. These days our phones are our biggest distractions, so turning off your notifications will help you focus. Watching a documentary on the topic is an entertaining way of compacting a topic in a short period of time. Creating flashcards is the quickest and easiest way to quiz yourself. When studying you don’t always have to study nonstop, after 45-50 minutes it’s good if you take a break so you don’t fry your brain out. For myself, listening to music keeps me awake and it leads to more productivity. Having your study area portable improves how you study and you won’t feel crammed. Lastly, getting a good night rest has your brain assimilate the information you have learned will help you remember more. These are some of the techniques I personally use to get through my studying, go ahead try it out.