Go deep inside the ‘cursed’ Winchester Mansion with the movie Winchester

Isaac Trujillo, Reporter

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The movie “Winchester” directed by Michael and Peter Spierig is based on the true story of a cursed widow of a large grossing rifle, the Winchester family. It tells us the backstory of Sarah Winchester and the well-known myth of her ‘curse’ when she built the Winchester Mansion in San Jose to keep all the disembodied paranormal ‘confused’. The Winchester has an oddly unsettling backstory as to, Sarah Winchester had built the entire mansion, and had it remain under construction her entire life, as she would draw up the schematics herself. The schematics she drew were allegedly guided by all the spirits telling her to draw up the proper setting of the designated room, as she would do so she would ‘allow’ the spirits in the house to then keep them enclosed forever. All in all, this movie was a very good movie with great Effects done, very many jumps scares, and great camera angles to emphasize suspense. I would rate this movie 4.5/5 stars, as I highly recommend this movie to others.

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