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Why Did Late Start Change in the First Place?

Jinger Haberbush, Reporter

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Late start is a very essential part of a week for staff and students every week, and it had been recently switched to Thursday. Late start gives everyone a fresh start for everyone, instead of waking up early every morning for regular start.

Late start originally was scheduled on Tuesdays, which gave everyone a fresh start to the week. Tuesday should be assigned for the minimum days again, because many appreciated the arrangements that late start once held.

Nobody likes Mondays because it’s full of new things that must be done for the new week, but late starts on Tuesdays always provided some relief for students and staff for a later and fresher start to the day.

The current arrangement for minimum days is decent, which gives a fresh start towards the end of the week, and with the weekend on its way. Any day that late start is held on is deeply appreciated, but Tuesday will always be the best time for late start to represent a fresh start to the week.

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Why Did Late Start Change in the First Place?