Finals Week is Coming Soon! What Study Habits does the Pepperbough Recommend?

Jessikah Ybarra, Reporter

With finals week just around the corner, many students are stressing out; for many reasons but usually because these students don’t know how to study. There are many ways to study but it depends on the studier you are. Some people prefer finding a quiet place in their house or wherever they are at to start hitting the books for hours straight while others might want to listen to music because they feel that if you listen to music then it helps you focus more. For my personal preference, I like listening to music while studying because if i’m sitting in a quiet place for hours then I start to get bored fall off task. Others would feel that if you get a study group then it helps tremendously because you can clarify if you are stuck on a problem or you don’t understand something that needed to be done then you are able to ask for help with the group you are in. There are of course several other ways to study but to me these are the top ways to get the job done. Good luck to all that are taking finals, don’t forget to study, and stay calm!